Leading from Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him


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“New York Times” bestselling journalist Richard Miniter goes inside the divided Obama White House portraying a reluctant, disengaged president and the powerful advisers who decide for him.

In the first book to explore President Obama’s leadership style by digging into the details of his biggest successes and failures, “New York Times” bestselling journalist Richard Miniter investigates the secret world of the West Wing and the combative personalities that shape world events. Based on exclusive interviews, inside sources, and never-before-published material, “Leading from Behind” reveals a president who is indecisive, moody, and often paralyzed by competing political considerations. Many victories during the Obama presidency are revealed to be the work of strong women, negotiating behind the scenes as well as exercising leadership when the president did not: then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who spearheaded key domestic initiatives; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose tireless diplomacy guided America through a seemingly-endless sequence of controversial and delicate international events; and Valerie Jarrett, his closest advisor and an Obama family confidante, whose unusual degree of influence has been a source of conflict with more seasoned political insiders.

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