Bahubali 2 The Conclusion (Hindi DVD) ( (English Subtitles) (Brand New Original DVD


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Format / Region – ALL REGION ( Plays Worldwide )

Audio Language – Hindi/Tamil

Subtitles – English

Movie Year – 2017


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Starring: Prabhas

                  Rana Daggubati

                  Anushka Shetty


                  Ramya Krishna




Story : The Conclusion of Baahubali begins with Katappa(Sathyaraj) telling us how he ended up killing Amarendra Bahubali(Prabhas).

After vanquishing the Kalakeyas, Sivagami(Ramya Krishnan) decides to make Amarendra Bahubali the future king of Mahishmati. It is decided that Bhalla Deva(Rana Daggubati) will be the Commander-in-Chief. Before the coronation, Sivagami tells Amarendra to tour the kingdom to get to know people and also promises him that by the time he is back, she will find him a suitable bride.

Amarendra visits Kuntala and falls in love with Devasena(Anushka Shetty)the younger sister of the King of Kuntala. Bhalla Deva learns of Amarendra’s attempts to woo Devasena and he decides to drive a wedge between Amarendra and Sivagami by telling his mother that he wants to marry Devasena. Sivagami, unaware that Amarendra is in love with Devasena, promises Bhalla, Devasena’s hand in marriage. Devasena rejects the marriage proposal because she doesn’t like the way the messenger from Maheshmati reads the letter. Sivagami is angry when she hears about Devasena’s rebuttal and she orders that Devasena be brought to Mahishmati as a prisoner.

The kingdom of Kuntala is attacked by Pindaris, who are a dacoit army. Amarendra, with the help of Devasena’s cousin Kumara Varma(Subbaraju), nullifies the attack and he manages to save Kuntala. Devasena and Baahubali also join hands in the fight against the Pindaris.

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