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If you’ve ever dreamt of beating the odds and achieving all that you’ve wished for, Chakde! India is a movie you simply shouldn’t miss! Starring Bollywood’s most loved actor Shah Rukh Khan, this 2007 film highlights the struggle of the national sports fraternity of India. The film is based on the life of Kabir Khan, a fictional character who was once the captain of the Indian men’s hockey team. After failing to score against Pakistan during a World Cup finale, Khan faces allegations of supporting the opposition and sabotaging his own team’s victory. Depressed and saddened by these claims, he moves away and surfaces nearly a decade later to coach the national women’s hockey team.

Doing so, however, is a challenge, even for a seasoned player like Kabir Khan. To bring his team to perform at world standards, Khan must unite 16 players who hail from different parts of the country; individuals who find it extremely hard to communicate and connect with each other. Through thick and thin, Kabir Khan and his team manage to break the ice and pave their way to the World Cup semi-finals. Will team India manage to beat the opposition and win the tournament? Or will Kabir Khan’s team simply fall onto its own foundation with players who simply can’t unite over common grounds? To find out, watch this film that overflows with action, the determination and will of humankind, sprinkled with just a dash of drama and comedy

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