Fanaa (2006) [Blu-ray] (Aamir Khan – Kajol / Indian Cinema / Bollwood – DVD

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Blu-Ray Details.

  • Format / Region - Region Free (Plays Worldwide)
  • Language - Hindi
  • Sub Titles - English,
  • Additional / Special Features - On Seperate DVD - Fanaa For You, Deleted Scenes, Deleted Songs, Etc Etc.

Movie Details.

Zooni Ali Beg is a blind Kashmiri woman who travels for the first time with her friends, Fatima “Fatty” Gupta, Mehbooba “Bobo” Raj, Rubina “Ruby” Khanna and their dance teacher Helen to New Delhi to perform in a ceremony for Republic Day. On her journey, she meets Rehan Khan, a tour guide who flirts with her. Although her friends warn Zooni about him, she falls in love. On her last night in Delhi, Rehan and Zooni spend the night together and end up in bed. As Zooni is leaving the next day, Rehan comes and takes her away with him. Her parents arrive in Delhi to arrange their marriage. Zooni has a procedure done that helps get her eyesight back, but when she comes out of surgery, she finds out that Rehan is killed in a bomb blast in the city..

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