Super 30 H Roshan (Hindi DVD) ( (English Subtitles)


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DVD Details.

  • Format / Region – Region Free (Plays Worldwide)
  • Language – Hindi
  • Sub Titles – English
  • Additional / Special Features

Anand Kumar is a lower-class student who has a passion in studies and is good at it. The local minister, proud of him, promises for help whenever needed. Anand Kumar also has a friend, Ritu Rashmi,with whom he spends time. Anand, every weekend, goes to Banaras Hindu University’s library to solve a foreign Math journal. One day, the manager finally catches him, and says that he has no right to read there. One staff member suggests him to get featured in an article on the newspaper, so that he becomes famous and will get free subscription of the journal. Anand goes to the post-office, where his father works as the head, and posts a letter regarding the solution to a difficult Math problem that no one had been able to solve

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