Clint Eastwood: 4-Film Collection Dirty Harry Blu-ray 2014


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DIRTY HARRY – A rooftop sniper has killed twice, and streetwise police detective Harry Callahan will nail the perp, no matter what.
SUDDEN IMPACT – Harry is older and dirtier, and the world hasn’t gotten better. He straps on his shoulder holster one more time, stalking a crime victim whose murderous spree of revenge puts his own ideas of justice to the test. “the system” prescribes.
MAGNUM FORCE – This time, Harry is pitted against vigilante rookie motorcycle cops who are rubbing out crooks the courts can’t touch. Unfortunately for them, their enemy is the system Harry has sworn to protect.
THE ENFORCER – Harry has a new partner: female rookie Kate Moore, who must track down a band of terrorists and win Harry’s confidence.

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